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Professional support setting up your OKRs and training

Work with the Asha team and affiliates to develop goals (OKRs), metrics (KPIs), and processes that enable your teams to do their best work. We're experts at developing project-based learning (PBL) initiatives and interactive eLearning content. Our tools ensure training activities are efficient and effective – with measurable financial and impact ROI.

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Asha Bonds

Finance your training programs

Access or provide the appropriate financing and support for corporate or standalone workforce training initiatives, aligned to measurable outcomes (including performance, financial, and CSR goals). Asha brings together best practices from the corporate world while lowering the cost of innovative and blended financing models, like Social Impact Bonds (SIBs).

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You and your team can add and manage KPIs, OKRs, and training programs using Asha.

Asha Services


Tailored to your team’s needs

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Get help from the Asha team and affiliates to effectively set up your KPIs, OKRs, and Project-Based Learning.

Asha Bonds


Tailored to your team’s needs

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Secure funding from reputable institutions for your outcome-aligned training programs or deploy your capital with confidence.

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Our product is designed to make our users jobs and lives a little bit easier

Asha’s platform links staff located all around the world with one another and with clear objectives to improve collaboration and celebrate the behaviors that let us win. We are thrilled with Asha!

Mike Lindell
COO, Certell

In other places I've worked, I always needed help with seeing how my work connects to company-wide goals. With Asha I can align my work with high-level goals and have an overview of what is important.

Brian Marete,

I really see Asha as a tool not just for organizing work but also capacity building and it's giving me a lot of ideas about how to implement new ideas and processes to make our organization better.

Pascal Zigashane,

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