[Avestan] • (noun)
Asha means order, truth and right-working

Asha builds software tools to help your team keep track of commitments, ranging from high level metrics (such as OKRs and KPIs) down to simple tasks.

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About us

Asha's software tools improve team performance while developing lasting reputations for professionals.


Set goals at the organizational, team, and individual level. Featuring OKRs, KPIs, and more.


Manage the projects and tasks needed to get real results.


Gain new insights into performance with data analytics.


Ensure alignment between activities and goals.


Expand individual and organizational capacity by building trust.


Develop careers with data-backed digital profiles.

Product Detail

Commitment Management & Performance Tracking

Our platform helps individuals and groups organize work and get more done with less effort.

Product Detail

Trust Capital

Doing big things requires collaboration. But working with other people, and especially strangers, isn’t easy. It’s hard to know who, or what information, is really trustworthy.

Product Detail

Career Development

The world is changing rapidly. Today’s skills might be obsolete tomorrow. To succeed in the information age, everybody needs to be a lifelong learner.

Do you work in an organization that could use help with project management, goal-task alignment, trust-building, or professional development?

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