Let trust rain.

What’s Asha?

Borrowed from an ancient language, Asha means "order," "truth" and "natural working."

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Match your mission to your values.
Trust your teammates.
Get the right stuff done.
Asha creates order

When you know what to work on.

When your team is
in tune. In sync. Aligned.

That's Asha.

Asha, our software platform, creates order from chaos as individuals, teams, and companies make and keep clear commitments.

In Asha, “commitments” include simple tasks all the way up to organizational-level Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Asha extends trust

When good people advance.

When those who deliver get recognized. Appreciated.

That's Asha.

Evidence-backed profile pages for individuals, teams, and companies report truthful, transparent, and privacy-protecting records of commitments made and kept.

Whether helping graduates get their first jobs or helping companies issue their first triple-A-rated bonds, Asha turns you, your team, and your company into living institutions that spread trust with every interaction and transaction.

Asha seeds markets naturally

When value and values both match.

When investors and management share commitment. Purpose. Vision.

That's Asha.

Through your company profile, attract talent, customers, clients, and capital aligned with your values and objectives.

Let investors feel confident deploying capital anywhere in the world, making possible previously unimaginable transactions.