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Front-end developer

Asha is a US-based technology startup that is building software tools to unlock new levels of team performance. We are passionate about personal growth, and growth mindset is a core value of the company. Our platform combines goal setting and tracking with task and project management to help professionals and companies grow.
Our team of talented professionals comes from Kenya, the United States, and the United Kingdom. We are united by our shared vision of an inclusive future of work in which professionals build long-term digital reputations, based on the commitments that they make and keep. Our initial target customers are in Africa and Europe with a primary focus on innovative companies and training institutions.
The platform is designed in Nairobi with the particular challenges of Kenya’s emerging economy in mind. Our system builds trust, team performance, and empowers professionals to guide their own careers, thanks to the reputational capital they build up through work and learning.
We’re growing, and we’d love to have you on board.

Who you are

We are looking for a software developer who is open-minded, loves to learn and is ready to work in a small, cross-cultural team. Ideal candidates will be hard working, growth-oriented, and curious. A focus on teamwork, clear communication, and growth mindset is essential.

We’re looking for somebody with 3-5 years experience working as a JavaScript developer, and at least two years working with Ember.js. You should be proficient in:

Although your focus will be front end development, a basic knowledge of back end tools such as Node JS, Express, REST APIs, relational databases, and testing frameworks such as Mocha and Cypress, is preferred.

You will be a valued part of our small but rapidly growing team, working directly with our lead engineer and designers to develop a streamlined, responsive, and useful platform. You will take part in daily stand-up meetings and will assist in identifying priorities and building the interface of our platform to design specifications. You will identify bugs, resolve issues, and participate in workshops that will allow us to be an effective team.

If hired, you will be expected to work 5 days/week starting as soon as possible, and must be able to collaborate with our team in Nairobi, Kenya. Our  daily stand up meetings begin at 1pm East Africa Time (GMT + 3).

Interested candidates should send a CV with relevant portfolio and GitHub profile to